Refine Experiences.
Drive Decisions.

“I haven’t met many people who are enthusiastic about filling in surveys.”

And that was the aha moment for our founder & CEO, Shihab Muhammed. The third reminder to fill out his HR survey made him think, “Why do we not like surveys?” That was the beginning of everything. Shihab, & the initial team started putting together a feedback tool that can take away the ‘boring’ out of surveys. The Whatsapp’s chat interface inspired him to keep the forms as conversational and intuitive as possible, guaranteeing 40% more response rates. And thus, SurveySparrow was born introducing the world’s first chat surveys. Since then, SurveySparrow has now grown from a feedback tool to a complete omnichannel experience platform. The platform has extended and is continuously improving every aspect of it to deliver nothing but wows.

Create Engagements. Inspire
Performance. Achieve Solutions.

Do More Than Just Surveys!

Create better experiences

An omni-channel experience management platform that does more than just surveys.






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We're all about results

SurveySparrow helps your teams, big or small, keep every interaction, & refine every experience!

Why Us

SurveySparrow’s experience solution keeps it effortless to refine the experiences you offer & build a brand, not just a business.

Wall of love

SurveySparrow’s happiest badge of appreciation comes from what our customers achieve & their success stories.

Success Stories

What we hold close.
What drives us further.

Not the inspirational wall hangings, but the 6 pillars of our culture code, this is what we live & work by.

Do the right thing

We always aim to perform the best
& not because anyone is watching.
We thrive to do what’s right for the
customer and the company.


We inspire each other to find
the passion & let that guide our
actions. We’re driven by


We always find a way to get
things done, a solution that can
help, not a thousand more


We hold ourselves accountable
and never lose time in blame
gaming. Whatever we
do, we own it

Make it work, make it better.

We think big, act with urgency
and do brilliant together. We’re
the go-getters and the

Deliver wows

We don’t settle for anything but
the best. We’re obsessed with
refining everything we deliver.

Badges of Appreciation
What drives us to give it our all

SurveySparrow ranked as the G2 Momentum Leader 2020. SurveySparrow ranked as Capterra’s Best Ease of Use Platform. SurveySparrow ranked as GetApp Category Leader 2019. SurveySparrow ranked as  Software Advice FrontRunners 2019 Gartner Peer Insights rates 5-star for SurveySparrow. SurveySparrow ranked as Hosting Advice's Developers' Choice
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