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Paack is a leading transport and parcel company that offers last-mile and mid-mile deliveries for e-commerce and retailers. Established in 2015, Paack quickly made waves across Europe and currently chiefly operates in Spain, UK, France, Portugal, and Italy and offers coverage in over 100 European cities. 

Paack’s vision is to lead sustainable eCommerce deliveries in Europe, and in order to achieve this, the company has a solid mission: to build the most advanced tech delivery platform in order to ensure the best-in-class sustainable delivery experience. To do so, Paack combines a customer-centric solution with a planet-first approach. 

Its technology platform, built in-house, allows for customer-focused services whilst delivering in the most sustainable way. Through timeslot selection, customers have control and choice over their scheduled deliveries which drastically reduces failed delivery attempts. In fact, Paack’s delivery precision is 98.5%, traveling less, to deliver more, thus reducing its carbon footprint.

Aiming to be the first certified carbon net zero logistics business by 2030, 20 years sooner than the Paris Agreement, Paack is working on SDGs 11 and 13, whilst following an ESG strategy. To address the Planet pillar, the company measures its environmental impact, reduces its carbon footprint through decarbonization actions, contributes to the environment by working with several partners, and keeps track of its progress following sustainability standards.

With big predictions for the future, Paack has gained the trust of e-commerce giants such as Amazon, Inditex, Apple, Nike, El Corte Inglés, and Nespresso, among others.

Indeed, Paack aspires for its model to become a benchmark for other market operators to follow, influencing widespread change in the actions of both logistics companies, retailers, and consumers.

How we hit the mark

  • Partial Submission
  • The wide variety of question types available
  • Embedding star ratings in email 
  • Multi-lingual surveys
"SurveySparrow has met our expectations in terms of its capabilities and user-friendliness. We were impressed with the platform's ability to meet our specific requirements and plan to make use of the platform to its fullest potential.”

Sergio Jimbel Martin

UX/UI Lead, Paack


By integrating SurveySparrow into its operations, Paack sought to gain comprehensive customer feedback on its delivery experience. 

Through sending out surveys to their customers, the team at Paack hoped to gather valuable insights that’ll pinpoint precise areas for improvement, steer towards stronger customer relationships through improved satisfaction, and bolster their overall business success.

Paack has also put SurveySparrow to work internally, utilizing its capabilities to enhance its employee experience and make decisions backed by data.


Paack had been using a survey tool for their survey needs but found that it did not offer the specific features they were looking for. In particular, they needed a tool that allowed for the embedding of star ratings in emails and partial submissions, which their initial survey solution, unfortunately, came short of. 


After searching for alternative options, Paack decided to try SurveySparrow and was impressed by its comprehensive feature set and user-friendly design. As a result, they made the switch to SurveySparrow to better serve the needs of their growing business.


More than 18% increase in annual CSAT score

1 click rating made possible

Feedback collection in less than 2 minutes

2x numbers of orders rated

Real-time data monitoring

Average survey response time is 35s

Paack has seen considerable success from its association with SurveySparrow. 

The ability to embed star ratings in emails has been significantly impactful as it has substantially reduced clicks for users. The users could now conveniently provide feedback without having to be redirected to a separate page. Consequently, the number of orders rated has doubled, and the average rating has improved from  4.4 to 4.6 out of 5. 


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